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During its boom years in the 1800s, Manchester NH was the textile capital of the world, producing more cotton cloth than anywhere else. Its art museum is excellent.



Manchester, New Hampshire's largest city (population 108,600), borders the Merrimack River (map) 53 miles (85 km) north of Boston.

Called Namoskeag ("good fishing place") by its original Penacook inhabitants, its cheap waterpower, creative industrialists and hard workers brought the city wealth in the textile boom of the mid- and late-19th century.

Inspired by the industrial wealth of Manchester, England, its New Hampshire namesake was laid out to be even more efficient and productive. The canals in the city center are evidence of this, and the vast Amoskeag Mills still border the river, their grand brick façades stretching for almost a mile along its banks.

During their 19th-century heyday, Manchester's mills turned out more woven cloth than any other city in the world. Today Manchester's huge rambling brick mill buildings remain, but they're filled with offices, shops, classrooms and high-tech innovation incubators.

Manchester's cultural gem is the Currier Museum of Art, a fine small New England art museum with an excellent collection. Follow the many signs to find it east of Elm Street (US 3). More...

There's a big Anheuser-Busch Merrimack Brewery south of the city which you can visit, and sample some of the Budweiser beer made here. More...

Manchester Boston Regional Airport, south of the city center, is an important "relief" airport for Boston. More...

If you find it convenient to stay here, Manchester has numerous suitable hotels:

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19th-century Brick Textile Mill, Manchester, New Hampshire

Manchester's huge brick mills brought
the city wealth in the 19th century.

Amoskeag Mills, Manchester NH

19th-century textile mills along the
Merrimack River in Manchester NH.

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