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North of Mount Washington is more beautiful, dramatic scenery, but fewer tourists.




New Hampshire's White Mountains extend northward well beyond the shadow of Mount Washington—all the way to the Canadian frontier, in fact (map).

Most of the tourist traffic doesn't make it past Berlin NH, however.

This leaves the mountains and lakes of the north country to those who love the region for its relative solitude and quiet.

Among the high points of a visit to northern New Hampshire are the drive through dramatic Dixville Notch, and—once upon a time—a visit to The Balsams resort right beside the notch, on Lake Gloriette.

Closed in 2011, ski entrepreneur Les Otten has undertaken to revitalize, modernize and expand The Balsams into an up-to-date family-friendly resort. It could open in 2017 or 2018. More...

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Sunrise, Dixville Notch NH

The sun peeks over the mountain and floods through Dixville Notch on a February morning.


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