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New York City is not part of New England, but it's the major regional transportation nexus—not to mention a fascinating place worth a visit on any trip to New England.



America's largest city is the heart of what is called the Eastern Megalopolis, a swath of heavily urban civilization extending from Greater Boston to Washington DC (map).

Everybody loves New York. As one who grew up not too far from New York, I can say that it's great for any visitor, at least for a few days. Here are tips on finding a hotel or hostel.

For many visitors, New York City is the gateway to New England, as many major airline, train and bus routes and Interstate highways go right through greater New York. Here's info on New York City's airports, train stations and bus terminals.

If you plan to fly to New England from some distant city, it's sometimes cheaper to fly to a New York airport than to Boston or other New England cities, so people choose to travel through New York, stopping in the city for a day or two, or more, to see the sights, shop, and enjoy its cosmopolitan atmosphere.

It's easy to travel between New York City and Boston by bus or train. Here's how to choose your transportation.


—by Tom Brosnahan

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Love Sculpture, New York NY

Everybody loves New York...




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