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New York's Grand Central Terminal is a fine place to grab a bite, or a drink, or sit down for a leisurely lunch or dinner.




It's grand, it's central to Midtown Manhattan, and it offers variety:

Chinese, Indian, Italian, Mexican, Thai; soups, salads, sandwiches, steaks, sushi, oysters & seafood, panini; New York delis, bar & grill, hot dogs, hot pretzels, bakery/pastries, juices-smoothies-yoghurts, espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and more.

All these are available in the Dining Concourse on the Lower Level bythe tracks numbered in the 100s.

Alcoholic beverages are served at some.

Common seating areas are available and, though all tables may be full at lunchtime on a bad-weather day, seating is usually adequate at other times.

Except in the sit-down restaurants, food is normally packed to take away, so that on fair-weather days you can take it to Bryant Park or some other public space for a picnic.

At least 4 public drinking water fountains serve the dining concourse, so you can fill your water bottle and spare yourself the price of bottled water or a less-healthy drink if you wish.

The terminal's public toilets are on this level as well.

The famous Oyster Bar Restaurant is off the Dining Concourse. This famous tile-encrusted hall offers 20 to 30 varieties of oysters, oyster stew made while you wait, 25 varieties of fish, and 400 types of wine, 70 of them available by the glass.

On the West Balcony above the Grand Hall are several more classy, upscale eateries: Cipriani Dolci and Michael Jordan - The Steak House NYC, with views over the Grand Hall, more refined cuisine and service, and more Manhattan prices (the $20 appetizer being a familiar sight on the menu).

In fair weather Cipriani Dolci sets tables outside by the Vanderbilt Street entrance to form the Cipriani Terrace.

The Campbell Apartment, once a private apartment right in Grand Central Terminal, is now a cocktail lounge servine "cocktails from another era."

You'll remember the sophisticated, cosmopolitan experience at all these places.

Grand Central Terminal

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Dining Concourse, Grand Central Terminal, New York City

Above, the Dining Concourse.

Below, the Oyster Bar Restaurant.

Oyster Bar Restaurant, Grand Central Terminal, New York City

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