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Here's our list of the top things to see and do in Manhattan.




Empire State Building

Start your visit with a climb to the top of New York's longtime iconic structure. From the observation deck you can take in the panorama of the entire city. Be warned: on good viewing days (that is, good weather days), the wait to get tickets and an elevator ride to the top can be hours long.

Rockefeller Center

One of the first and greatest midtown building complexes, the central courtyard in the striking complex of art deco buildings becomes an ice-skating rink in winter and a terrace restaurant in summer.

St Patrick's Cathedral

Across Fifth Avenue from Rockefeller Center, the cathedral of the (Catholic) Archbishop of New York is a lofty Gothic church open to visitors most days, for free.

Fifth Avenue

Everybody loves strolling along Manhattan's Fifth Avenue, window-shopping, and even stopping to buy.

Here's a way to reduce the cost of sightseeing in New York:

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Empire State Building, New York City

Empire State Building, New York City.


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