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The fastest way between New York City (Manhattan) and Newark Liberty Airport is the NJ Transit train from Penn Station.  




Perhaps the best way to get to Newark Liberty International Airport from New York City is to take a NJ Transit or Amtrak train from Penn Station to the Newark Liberty International Airport train station, then switch to the Newark AirTrain to reach the airport terminals.

NJ Transit trains on the Northeast Corridor Line and the North Jersey Coast Line depart New York City's Penn Station from 4:20 am until 1:41 am on weekdays. (In other words, they reun all the time except the middle of the night.

Departures are every few minutes during rush hours, generally every 15 to 25 minutes at other times. The trip is scheduled to take about 25 minutes. An adult one-way ticket costs $15.

About nine Amtrak trains a day depart Penn Station and stop at Newark Airport, taking about the same amount of time to make the trip. A one-way ticket on an Amtrak Regional train costs about $37, so it's usually cheaper, easier and quicker to take a NJ Transit train.

The AirTrain station at Newark Airport can be entered only on a NJ Transit or Amtrak train. You cannot walk or drive to the station and enter it.

Once you're in the AirTrain station you can board an AirTrain to take you directly to all the airport terminals.

To travel from Newark Airport to New York City, take an AirTrain to the Newark Airport train station, then a NJ Transit or Amtrak train into the city at Penn Station.

From Penn Station you can walk or taxi to New York's Port Authority Bus Terminal (buses to anywhere) or Grand Central Terminal.

You may want to consider taking Olympia Trails's Newark Liberty Airport Express bus service.

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NJ Transit Ticket Windows, Penn Station, New York City

NJ transit train ticket windows,
Penn Station
, New York City.


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