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New York city buses, operated by the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), are useful to visitors as well as locals. A few routes in particular will help you in your sightseeing.

Like most systems in New York, this one is elaborate, complicated and a bit daunting at first, but becomes easy after a ride or two.

You must have a Metrocard fare card to board the bus. You cannot pay cash, and you cannot buy a Metrocard on the bus. Metrocards are sold by machines and clerks in many subway and train stations.

Traffic on most of the avenues (north-south) is one-way, and changes direction from one avenue to the next

First, Third, Madison, Sixth, Eighth and Tenth Avenues go north

Second, Lexington, Fifth, Seventh, Ninth and Eleventh Avenues go south

Park Avenue traffic flows in both directions

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Bus Stop Sign, New York City

Sign at a bus stop in Fifth Avenue.
"No standing" means cars cannot wait at the bus stop (it would block the bus).


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