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True to its name, this palace of trains is a pleasure to visit. Come here for suburban and regional trains up the Hudson River, and along the Connecticut shoreline.

Bronze Clock, Grand Central Terminal, New York City
The bronze clock



New York City's main terminus for suburban and regional Metro-North Railroad trains(Harlem & Hudson Lines and New Haven Line) lives up to its name: it's central, on 42nd Street at Park Avenue (map), and it's grand.

Even if you're not taking a train, it's worth entering the station just to experience the Grand Hall with its star-lit ceiling of astronomical constellations.


A circular train information kiosk is at the center of the main concourse beneath a spherical bronze clock. This is where you stand if someone has suggested that you "meet beneath the clock in Grand Central."

The first window in the eastern bank of ticket windows on the main concourse is a tourist information window (tel. 212-697-1245), open Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm, Sunday from 9:30 am to 6 pm.

Boarding Trains

You board trains on either the Upper Level (same level as the Main Concourse, tracks with two-digit numbers), or on the Lower Level by the Dining Concourse (tracks 100 to 117).


Snack and coffee shops, newsstands and other shops are at the sides of the Grand Hall on the Main Concourse.

The Dining Concourse on the Lower Level has a wide variety of eateries, from the Grand Central Oyster Bar-Restaurant, to hot dog shops. More...

Pennsylvania Station

Pennsylvania Station, New York's principal intercity train station for interstate Amtrak trains, is 13 blocks (1.5 miles/2.41 km) southwest of Grand Central at 8th Avenue between 31st and 33rd Streets (map): walk 4 blocks west on 42nd Street, then 9 blocks south on 7th Avenue to 33rd Street and turn right (west).

You can walk between stations in about 45 minutes, 35 if you have no luggage and you walk fast. A taxi might take 15 minutes.

Grand Central Terminal
42nd Street at Park Avenue

—by Tom Brosnahan

Pennsylvania Station


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Grand Central Terminal, New York City

Above, Romanesque South Façade,
Grand Central Terminal.

Below, the Grand Hall.

Main Concourse, Grand Central Terminal, New York NY

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