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On a typical weekday, 8000 buses come and go, carrying 225,000 passengers to and from America's busiest bus terminal. Too bad the terminal sucks....

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Port Authority Bus Terminal, New York City
Sign in the terminal. What doesn't it tell you? These important airport buses aren't in the terminal at all: they're outside!



New York City's Port Authority Bus Terminal (PABT), a block west of Times Square at 625 Eighth Avenue, bounded by 40th and 42nd Streets and 8th and 9th Avenues (map), is the busiest bus terminal in the USA, and perhaps in the world.

It is also the ugliest, of poor design, and woefully outdated, but more of that later.

With 223 gates serving 8000 buses daily, it sees 225,000 commuters pass through on any weekday, and serves about 2.3 million bus departures each year.

Bus Companies

Greyhound and Peter Pan run buses from the Port Authority Bus Terminal to New England.

(Note that some of the most popular companies running buses between New York City and Boston do not use the PABT—they load and unload at other locations. More...

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Companies served by the PABT include:

Adirondack Trailways/
New York State,
Montréal & Toronto

Bieber Tourways
Eastern Pennsylvania

Community Coach/

Morris & Essex Counties NJ

DeCamp Bus
Suburban New York & Northern New Jersey

GO Airlink NYC
JFK Int'l Airport
Laguardia Airport
Newark Airport

Greyhound Lines
USA & Canada

Gray Line Tours
New York City Tours

Lakeland Bus
Northern New Jersey

Martz Trailways
Eastern Pennsylvania

New Jersey Transit
New Jersey

Olympia Trails/

Newark Airport


Peter Pan Bus Lines
New England & Mid-Atlantic

Pine Hill Trailways/

Kingston & New Paltz NY

Red & Tan Tours/

Jersey City, Bayonne,
Hudson County NJ

Rockland Coaches/

Rockland County &
Northern NJ

ShortLine Bus/

Upstate New York,
Northern New Jersey,
Eastern Pennsylvania

Suburban Transit/

Mercer, Middlesex &
Somerset Counties NJ

Susquehanna Trailways
Central Pennsylvania

New York State

Trans-Bridge Lines
Lehigh Valley PA &
Central New Jersey

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The Bus Terminal

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, owner of the PABT, knows that the terminal needs to be replaced, but claims this could cost $10 billion which it does not have. It will be years before there is a better terminal. In the meantime, the PABT, originally built in 1950, expanded in 1981, is immensely ugly, and not easy to use, a tribute to the triumph of private wealth over public services. Some examples:

—Boarding gates could have illuminated signs giving bus lines and destinations, but they don't.

  Sign in Port Authority Bus Terminal, NewYork City
  Buses are an afterthought...

—The PABT itself admits that serving bus passengers is secondary: dining, shopping and games are more important than a bus terminal?

Location directories (plans) inside the terminal do not include "You are Here" marks, so you may use the directory to find your destination within the terminal, but you may not know where you're starting from.

—If the Information booth is closed, there will most likely be a man waiting around it to "help" you by convincing you, one way or another, to part with some or all of your money for no good reason.

Signage is often inadequate and poorly designed: the South terminal doesn't even have the name or identity of the building on or above its doors. At the North terminal, identification is minimal, and only visible if you're close.

—When you arrive at the PABT after a long trip, sleepy-eyed and a bit groggy, do you see the name of the terminal on the door to let you know you've arrived? No! This is what you see:

Port Authority Bus Terminal logo, New York City

A symbol of the ugly building itself. Helpful!

—Interesting that a lot of the most important buses—airport buses, express buses to Boston, etc.—don't even use the PABT. They load and unload on the street. What?

—The present Port Authority Bus Terminal website is odd and minimally useful, but fear not: planning is underway to replace it with a new brand-facility to be completed (with luck) by 2030. Yeah, 2030.

Port Authority Bus Terminal
625 Eighth Avenue (at 42nd St) (map)
New York, NY 10018
Tel 212-564-8484 Voice-activated information
212-502-2200 Recording

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Port Authority Bus Terminal, New York City

Port Authority Bus Terminal, Manhattan.
It may be ugly, but it sure isn't easy to use.

Port Authority Bus Terminal, NewYork City
Shopping mall? Yes, but with some buses...


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