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Only a two-hour drive from the Maine border, you're in a different country and a different culture.




It's only a two-hour drive from Jackman, Maine, USA, to Québec City, Québec, Canada, but the difference in scenery, culture, language and cuisine is amazing.

If you have the time and you have your passport with you), Québec City is well worth the excursion.

Québec City is the soul of French Canada, as it has been for four centuries. It was the first settlement (1608) of La Nouvelle France in North America, the first major port on the St Lawrence River, and it is the governmental capital of the vast, rich Province of Québec.

Vieux Québec (Old Québec) is a walled city perched beneath and atop the rocky promontory of Cape Diamond overlooking a narrows (kepek in Algonquin) in the St Lawrence River.

Modern Québec City sprawls far beyond the walls of Vieux Québec, and the adjoining cities of Ste-Foy and Lévis are fully modern as well, but it's Vieux Québec that you want to visit. More...

Québec City has a fine variety of hotels, from the castle-like Le Chateau Frontenac to small, cozy inns on the narrow streets of Vieux Québec. More...

(More coming soon!...)

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Place Royale, Quebec City

Place Royale, Québec City QC.


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