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Bordered nearly all around by fine white sand, Block Island is beachgoers' heaven. You can walk from Old Harbor and the ferry dock to a good beach in a few minutes. Most others are within a fun bike ride.




Ballard's Beach

Just south of Old Harbor, behind Ballard's Restaurant (map), Ballard's Beach has drinks served by restaurant staff, organized games like beach volleyball, and a lively crowd of regulars.

Crescent Beach

This is the colloquial name for the long crescent of sand stretching northward several miles from Old Harbor on Block Island's eastern shore, on the eastern side of Corn Neck Road (map). This long beach is popularly divided into several sections named Kid Beach, Fred Benson Town Beach, and Scotch Beach.

Kid (Baby) Beach

At the very southern end of Fred Benson Town Beach, Kid Beach (or Baby Beach) is only a short stroll north from Old Harbor, with gentle waves, an easy slope, and moderate water temperatures: perfect for little kids.

Fred Benson Town Beach

The most popular beach on Block Island, sometimes called by its former name of State Beach, has fine white sand, gentle surf, all beach services, lifeguards, and is walking and biking distance from Old Harbor. More...

Scotch Beach

The northward extension of Fred Benson Town Beach is farther from the services, but quieter and more popular with tranquil couples and small families.

Mansion Beach

Even farther north than Scotch Beach, Mansion Beach is good for getting away from the crowds while still enjoying the fine sand and other beauties of Block Island's eastern shore.

Vail Beach

Reached by a narrow ankle-breaker path through Snake Hollow (map), Vail Beach is rocky, sandy, surfy and never crowded. More...

Black Rock Beach

Reached by rough trail through Rodman's Hollow, this beach is named for a sinister black rock offshore, covered by water, that is a deadly danger to ships. Backed by cliffs, the beach is rocky and surfy, for adventurers only.

Dorry's Cove Beach

On Block Island's western shore, Dorry's Cove is a small dark-sand beach reached via Dorrys' Cove Road. Good for swimmers, snorkelers and picnickers.

Charlestown Beach

This long beach on Block Island's western shore has no services, but lots of sand and no crowds. If you like fishing from shore, this is the place for you. More...

Coast Guard Beach

At the northern end of Charlestown Beach, this fine sand beach borders the inlet to New Harbor next to the decommissioned Coast Guard station. (See Charlestown Beach for more.)

West Beach

This is a walker's beach. Those wanting a fine nature walk start from the southwestern end of West Beach Road (where there's parking) and head north to North Light and Settlers' Rock near the northern tip of Block Island.

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