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This long beach on Block Island's western shore has no services, but lots of sand and no crowds. If you like fishing from shore, this is the place for you.


Charleston Beach is long, stretching from the inlet to New Harbor south along the western shore of Block Island to Dorry's Cove Beach (map).

Narrower and rougher than the smooth sand beaches on the island's eastern shore, Charleston has some coarse sand, pebbles and stones, but few people.

You can reach this beach by bike or car along Champlin Road. The first access point has no car parking, but plenty of room for bikes.

Farther along to the north there are a few parking places by the old Coast Guard station (now owned by the town), a fence to lock bikes, and a narrow path to the beach.

Charleston Beach, Block Island

The smoothest, widest sand is at the northern limit of the beach along the inlet to New Harbor by the former Coast Guard station.

Many people come to Coast Guard beach by inflatable boat, bringing their beach chairs, umbrellas and picnics with them.

There are no services on or near Charleston Beach.

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Coast Guard Station Beach, Block Island RI

Charleston Beach, Block Island RI.


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