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Reached by a narrow ankle-breaker path through Snake Hollow, Vail Beach is rocky,sandy, surfy and never crowded.


The beaches on the south shore of Block Island are sand, pebbles, stones and rocks backed by the Mohegan Bluffs, not the same as the smooth, wide, white sand beaches backed by grass-covered dunes of the eastern shore.

  Path to Vail Beach, Block Island RI

Down the narrow path
to Vail Beach...

The rocks are both in and out of the water, so you must choose where you want to swim.

To reach Vail Beach you must pick your way among the ruts and rocks on a narrow path down Snake Hollow (map), not a particularly easy walk, and not easily doable with lots of beach paraphernalia. (There's no shade on the beach, so you'll need an umbrella or shelter.)

Your reward is a relatively little-visited beach in a more dramatic setting. Sit for awhile, perhaps with a book or pair of binoculars; look for good camera angles; walk, think, sing to yourself; take a dip in the cool water—that's the Vail Beach experience.

Bring whatever you need—especially water, and shade if you need it—, and carry out your trash. There are no services whatsoever here.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Vail Beach, Block Island RI

Vail Beach, with Mohegan Bluffs in the distance: all yours, but no services....



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