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Imagine Newport's sumptuous Gilded Age mansions filled with Christmas trees, poinsettias, music...even eggnog! A December visit is a must!


Actually, the mansions are decorated for Christmas and open to visitors starting in mid-November, and stay open until January 2.

In the 50-foot-high Great Hall of The Breakers, Cornelius Vanderbilt's 70-room Italianate palazzo, admire a huge Christmas tree made entirely of poinsettias as a choral group in medieval costume sings holiday songs and carols.

In the sumptuous Music Room, made in France, shipped to Newport and reassembled in The Breakers, Christmas tree lights and crystal chandeliers make all the gold and silver leaf glitter.

Beneath the elaborate marble mosaics of the Lower Loggia, eggnog, hot cider and Christmas cookies are served.

When Newport, Rhode Island celebrates, it does it in grand style. It is truly something to see.

You may wait in line for an hour in summer just to get into The Breakers for the guided tour. On most December days you can walk right in, walk all around on your own, listen to a variety of musical performances, and help yourself to eggnog, cider and cookies at no additional charge.

Marble House and one other mansion cared for by the Preservation Society of Newport County are usually open as well, and mansions under the care of others may also be open and have special events.

  Marble House at Christmas, Newport RI

Hotel, inn, and bed-and-breakfast room rates are much, much lower in winter than in summer, value-for-money package plans are offered, traffic is calm, parking is available... This is Newport the easy way!

Even if you've enjoyed Newport during the summer, you MUST come for Christmas, too.

Plan to attend at least one musical event at The Breakers so you can enjoy the music as you wander the house at leisure, admiring the spectacular Christmas decorations.

Plan to stroll along the Cliff Walk. Enjoy several of Newport's fine restaurants, which are cozy, welcoming and uncrowded at this time of year.

I love Newport in the summer, but a winter visit is so different, so easy, and so enjoyable!

The Preservation Society of Newport County
424 Bellevue Avenue
Newport RI 02840
Tel: 401-847-1000

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Great Hall at Christmas, The Breakers, Newport RI

Above, the Great Hall at The Breakers with its Christmas tree made entirely of poinsettias.

Below left, gilded Marble House in its Christmas finery.

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