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Newport has large, comfortable hotels, many charming inns, numerous bed-and-breakfast houses (B&Bs), and less expensive motels on the outskirts.

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No matter what sort of accommodation you choose, it's a good idea to reserve your room in advance, particularly in summer and especially on weekends.

If you arrive in Newport on Friday from mid-July through early September without a room reservation, you may well have to spend hours and travel miles searching for that last hotel or inn room.

On summer weekdays there may be more rooms, but you may not be able to find your preferred facilities and price unless you reserve in advance.

Remember that Rhode Island has a 6% sales tax, and that a 5% Newport room tax is also applied to prices in establishments with 10 or more rooms.

Use this handy Newport Hotels Map to check on room rates, availability, facilities and location for your hotel in Newport:

Newport Hotels Map

Newport Inns & Boutique Hotels

Several grand 19th-century houses and mansions have become luxury inns or boutique hotels, with numerous services and full restaurants. This may be the best way to get the feel for what it was like to be part of Newport society a century and a half ago. More...

Bed-and Breakfast Guesthouses (B&Bs)

Many fine old Newport houses have been converted to bed-and-breakfast guesthouses. They may have fewer than a dozen guest rooms, generally serve only breakfast, and offer fewer services than othr lodging choices ,but most are full of charm, and many have convenient locations and moderate prices. More...

Large Full-Service Hotels

Newport's large hotels with about 200 rooms offer all the modern comforts, conveniences and services, and most are within an easy walk of the town center. More...

Money-Saving Motels on the Outskirts

Neighboring Middletown RI, with its inexpensive motels and guesthouses, is only a 10- or 15-minute drive from downtown Newport (you can even commute by city bus or hotel shuttle). If you're looking to see Newport on a budget, this is the place to start looking for lodgings. More...

Newport Inns & Boutique Hotels

Bed & Breakfast Guest Houses

Large Full-Service Hotels

Money-Saving Motels

What to See & Do in Newport

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Vanderbilt Grace Hotel, Newport RI

Vanderbilt Grace boutique hotel,
Newport RI.

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