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Seafood is a specialty, of course, but in fact Newport has all sorts of dining, from the quick bite to the seven-course elegant dinner.


Fine cuisine is a Newport tradition alive since the Gilded Age, and dining is one of the foremost pleasures here.

Of course, there's also just-ordinary-food, as there must be for the crowds that throng Newport's streets and waterfront in the high summer season.

We all like nice dinners now and then, but we don't want elaborate meals every evening. Here's the layout of eating-places in Newport:

America's Cup Avenue

Roam Bowen's Wharf and Bannister's Wharf in the center of Newport off Americas Cup Avenue and you'll find dozens of restaurants serving edibles from the quick-and-simple to the leisurely and refined. The Clarke Cooke House and The Black Pearl are two of long-standing, with several dining rooms, each with its own menu and range of prices.

Upper Thames Street

Among the boutiques of Upper Thames Street are several pubs and pub-like restaurants and cafés, among them the Brick Alley Pub, which has been here for decades, and which is busy nearly every night of the year.

Lower Thames Street

Stroll south of Memorial Boulevard to find some of the less-crowded restaurants. Don't neglect to detour into the wharf areas.

Elsewhere in Newport

Newport's inns and boutique hotels have their own exquisite, tasteful, chic dining places, most of which are open to the public. Even if you choose not to spend what it takes to stay overnight in these fine places, you should consider a good lunch or fine dinner here. Bouchard Restaurant and Muse by Jonathan Cartwright are good choices.

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Bannister's Wharf, Newport RI

Bannister's Wharf and dinner-seekers...

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