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The first stone mansion to go up on Newport's Bellevue Avenue, Chateau-sur-Mer was built in 1852 for William S Wetmore of New York.


A triumph of High Victorian architecture, Chateau-sur-Mer was the grandest mansion in Newport from the time of its construction (1852) until the advent of the Vanderbilt mansions near the end of the century.

Wetmore's son, who met Richard Morris Hunt while on a tour of Europe, was responsible for bringing the American-born architect to Newport to rebuild his mansion, and later the mansions of others.

(The senior Wetmore had lived in the mansion 10 years before he died, and upon his death his son took it over.)

The chateau is very rich Victorian Gothic, and to modern tastes it seems luxurious, though dark and heavy.

Chateau-sur-Mer has the feeling of being lived in and enjoyed—something that can't be said of some of the other mansions.

Extensive renovations have been carried out over the past few years, and continue today, but the mansion is again open to visitors, with free parking on the grounds.

474 Bellevue Avenue
Newport RI 02840
Tel: 401-847-1000

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Chateau-sur-Mer, Newport RI

Chateau-sur-Mer: renovations continue...



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