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This former summer White House of President John F Kennedy is no longer open to the public.


Hammersmith Farm was built by John W Auchincloss in 1887 as his family's 28-room summer "cottage."

After Jacqueline Bouvier, daughter of Mrs Hugh Auchincloss, became Mrs John F Kennedy, the wedding reception was held at Hammersmith Farm.

President Kennedy and his wife enjoyed visiting the farm when they could find the time, and no wonder. Beautiful rolling lawns and gardens, nature paths and copses of trees—not to mention the lovely old house itself—make the farm a seaside paradise.

Mrs Auchincloss sold Hammersmith Farm mansion in 1977, and it was opened to the public until recently, when it was reclaimed as a private residence. Many of its original furnishings from the times when it figured prominently in the news have been sold off.

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