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Built in 1839, Kingscote is the type of "summer cottage" lived in by wealthy visitors to Newport before the great stone mansions were built.


First built for plantation-owner George Noble Jones of Georgia by architect Richard Upjohn in 1839, Noble sold it and returned to the South at the beginning of the American Civil War.

The Gothic Revival mansion was bought by a merchant in the China trade called William H King, who gave the house its name.

A cottage it isn't, for no peasant lived here, but rather a man who appreciated Tiffany glass: the gorgeous dining room that he had designed by McKim, Mead and White of New York features special glass bricks made by Tiffany.

The King family owned the house until 1972, when it was deeded to the Preservation Society and soon therafter opened to th public.

Having been built originally in 1839 makes Kingscote one of the oldest of the Newport mansions. (For comparison, construction of the largest and grandest Newport mansion—The Breakers—was completed in 1895, over a half century after Kingscote.)

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Kingscote, Newport RI

Kingscote, Newport's first fabulous
"summer cottage" mansion.



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