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The administration building of Salve Regina University is a Loire-style ch√Ęteau....


Ochre Court is Newport's second-largest "summer cottage" after The Breakers.

Designed by Richard Morris Hunt and built for Ogden Goelet in 1892, Ochre Court, 100 Ochre Point Avenue (off Bellevue Avenue: Map of Newport) is styled after a French chateau, yet another example of Newport's architectural extravagance.

The mansion now serves as the administration building for Salve Regina University, having been given to the Catholic Religious Sisters of Mercy order in 1947.

As the Sisters vow to serve the poor, the sick and the uneducated, it's fitting that Ochre Court be used in the service of higher education, particularly that of women.

Ochre Court is private property, not open to the public (unless you have business with the university), although you can admire this Newport chateau from afar.

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Ochre Court Mansion, Newport RI

Ochre Court at Salve Regina University,
Newport RI.



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