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The helpful Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau is between the Providence Convention Center and the Providence Place shopping mall.




Rhode Island levies a sales tax of 7% on most purchases.

You'll see two taxes on your hotel room bill: the 7% sales tax on the room, and a 6% hotel occupancy tax, which raises the philosophical question: if you pay for a hotel room but don't actually occupy it, should you pay the second tax?

The two taxes together raise your hotel bill by 13%, so a "$100 room" ends up costing $113.

Go to the CVB's sophisticated website for event information, special travel package offers, and to request their printed Visitor Information packet.

Providence Warwick Convention & Visitors Bureau
1 West Exchange Street
Providence RI 02903
Tel 800-233-1636 or 401-274-1636

—by Tom Brosnahan

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River View, Providence RI

River view of historic Providence RI.
The buoys in the river are for Waterfire.



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