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Providence is definitely a good dining town, with dozens of great restaurants and even a university that teaches culinary arts and hospitality.




On the subject of food and fine dining, in Providence you might say the apples fall close to the tree.

Providence is the home of Johnson & Wales University, one of America's foremost institutions of higher education teaching the culinary arts and the business of hospitality.

That's not the only reason there are many good restaurants in Providence, but it's a major one. Young professionals, trained here in local restaurants and hotels, tend to stay to start their careers.

Downtown Providence Restaurants

Hemenway's Seafood Grill & Oyster Bar

By the southern end of Providence Memorial Park overlooking the river and just across from The Old Stone Bank, Hemenway's is Providence's favorite seafood restaurant. Tall ceilings, huge windows, outdoor terrace seating, views of the city and the river, and dependably fresh seafood prepared in innovative ways is the draw here. More...


Locally-sourced ingredients and innovative preparations are strong points at Gracie's, 194 Washington Street, six xhort blocks southwest of Kennedy Plaza, Burnside Park and the Providence Biltmore Hotel. Décor is understated but (or perhaps therefore) appealing. More...

Federal Hill Restaurants

The Italian neighborhood of Federal Hill centered on Atwells Avenue is lined with small bistro-type restaurants serving Italian, Lebanese, Mexican, Thai and other cuisines—but the predominance is Italian.

Also here are several delicatessens, bakeries, gourmet shops and other food-related shops.

If you enjoy eating (who doesn't?), take a stroll over to Federal Hill, or ride RIPTA Bus 92 from Kennedy Plaza to Atwells Avenue. You'll know you've arrived after you pass beneath the huge La Pigna (Pine Cone) gateway arch across Atwells Avenue. The pine cond is a traditional Italian symbol of welcome, goodness and...pine nuts!

La Pigna (Pine Cone) Arch over Atwells Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island
La Pigna Gateway Arch: it's a pine cone, not a pineapple...

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Top Neck Clams, Hemenway's Restaurant, Providence RI

Top Neck Clams at Hemenway's, Providence RI.



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