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Not a bad beach, and convenient for residents of Charlestown, but short-term visitors have better choices.


Charlestown Town Beach, reached from US Route 1 by Charlestown Beach Road (map), is relatively small as South County beaches go.

The 100-yard-wide beach is limited on both sides by private property—signs and flags alert you to this fact, to keep you within the beach confines.

The lifeguards are only responsible for the marked limits of the beach.

Charlestown Town Beach, Rhode Island
Note flags and signs marking the limits of the beach...

The beach has fine light sand, but the shore is rather steep, surf moderate but the incline makes the surf "crashier."

The beach pavilion, with toilets and cold salty-water rinse-showers, is on the far side of Charlestown Beach Road, as is the parking lot. Beach-accessible wheelchairs are provided free of charge.

Charlestown Beach Road continues westward from the Town Beach to Charlestown Breachway State Beach, which you can also enjoy, though it's aimed particularly at recreational vehicle campers. More...

As for town beaches, the best on the coast is the very nice South Kingstown Town Beach. More...

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Charlestown Town Beach, Rhode Island

Charlestown Town Beach pavilion.



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