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Jutting southeast into the Atlantic Ocean and dividing Block Island Sound from Rhode Island Sound is Point Judith, part of the Town of Narragansett RI.



The peninsula of Narragansett's southern extremity (map) offers several things to travelers:

— The car and passenger ferry docks for ferryboats to Block Island, located at Galilee

Camping and picnic facilities at Fishermen's Memorial State Park, only 2 miles from Galilee

—Three of Rhode Islands best beaches along the southern and eastern shores of the peninsula.

Aerial view of Point Judith, Rhode Island
1: Jerusalem     2: Galilee    3: Point Judith    4: Jamestown

Galilee is a small but busy fishing port, the port for ferries to Block Island, the Salty Brine State Beach, and the site of a Coast Guard station. More...


Scarborough State Beach

Roger W Wheeler State Beach

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Block Island Ferry

Block Island


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Point Judith Light RI

Point Judith Light near Galilee RI.

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