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Watch Hill RI is a small town, but its beaches are big and beautiful. The beach is not the problem—parking is....


The town of Watch Hill doesn't exactly welcome visitors. By restricting parking, it manages to preserve the town's summer delights mostly for its vacation-renters and residents (including, sometimes, Taylor Swift). More...

Watch Hill (Carousel) Beach

Most prominent is Watch Hill Beach, sometimes called Carousel Beach, right next to the antique carousel in the village center (map).

The daily beach fee gives you access to the beach, its changing rooms, showers and toilets, and the services of a lifeguard.

Lockers are available for rent to store your clothing, as are beach umbrellas (there's little other shade), beach chairs, and boogie boards (small flotant boards).

The sand is soft, the view fine, the location convenient.

East Beach

East Beach, over the hill to the east, is longer, wider, open to the public for free, less crowded, and only a few minutes' walk from the town center (where you must park, as there is no parking near the beach).

Taylor Swift's mansion, High Watch, looms above East Beach, but don't bet on a celebrity sighting. Just enjoy the beach.

East Beach, Watch Hill, Rhode Island
East Beach: plenty of room...

Come to East Beach if you need more space to spread out or to play beach sports.

To find East Beach, walk from the carousel uphill on Larkin Road, turning left as the street does (it becomes Bluff Avenue) at the top of the hill. There's a crosswalk leading to a narrow, poorly-marked path going downhill through the bushes to the beach. Here's a little map:

Path to East Beach, Watch Hill, Rhode Island

Nappatree Point

Nappatree Point extending westward from Watch Hill Beach into Fishers Island Sound, is even bigger (more than two miles long), and is a favorite with boaters, fishers and water-skiers who walk here from the town. Because it is a wildlife refuge, there are no services whatsoever.

Misquamicut Beach

Misquamicut Beach, while not strictly in Watch Hill, is close enough that you can enjoy it if you're staying for a few days in Watch Hill. More...

Other South County Beaches

Rhode Island's South County, with its fine coastline, is renowned for its beaches. You've got many more from which to choose. More...

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Watch Hill Beach, Watch Hill, Rhode Island

Above, Watch Hill Beach in the village center.



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