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Watch Hill has few places to stay, and they are fully booked early (not to mention expensive), so plan ahead.


Watch Hill has very few lodging places for short-term visitors. Your best bet may be to stay in a nearby town such as Stonington or Mystic, Connecticut, or Newport, Rhode Island, and visit Watch Hill for the day.

The only real hotel is the town's centerpiece, the beautifully-recreated Ocean House, a grand Victorian seaside resort palace on the most prominent hilltop.

Ocean House opened in 1868 to accommodate well-to-do city-dwellers intent on enjoying the cooling sea breezes, spectacular ocean views, and well-structured society events of a top-class Victorian resort hotel.

In 2003, long past its prime, dilapidated, and in danger of going up in smoke, it closed—some feared for good.

In 2010 a brand-new Ocean House (1 Bluff Avenue), modeled on the historic structure but entirely up-to-date, opened with 49 guest rooms and 23 residences. Its maze of balconies and porches, sunny and shady, again offers spectacular views and the exhilaration of sea breezes.

Rates start at about $1,300 to $3,500 double, per night, in season, tax.

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—by Tom Brosnahan

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Ocean House Hotel, Watch Hill, Rhode Island

The Ocean House Hotel, Watch Hill RI.



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