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Spend time at the beach, window-shop along Bay Street, ride the historic carousel, buy ice cream cones early and often. Then there's Taylor Swift....



Watch Hill is a bit of old but living summer glory, which, luckily for those who live or visit here, the rest of the world has already passed by, heedlessly.

Watch Hill is a place to start a romance, or to pursue one; to read and relax, or swim strenuously all day—to do as you please. There are no crowds, no neon signs, no plastic "lifestyles."

Taylor Swift's High Watch

But sometimes there is mega-star Taylor Swift, who purchased (in 2013, for $17.75 million) a white 1920s clapboard mansion named High Watch that overlooks East Beach and Lighthouse Road. Fans gather hoping to catch a glimpse of Ms Swift or her famous musician and fashion friends, particularly on the Fourth of July, when Swift throws her famous Independence Day party.

Before you go Swift-seeking, consider the challenges: parking is severely limited in the town; it's likely you'll find no place to stop at all. Rooms at the deluxe Ocean House start at around $1000 per night in summer (and there are very few lodging alternatives nearby).

Townspeople are protective of celebrities' privacy. If you approach High Watch for a look, guards will shoo you away, and if you ask about Taylor Swift at the Olympia Tea Room, staff will answer with "No comment."


Should you be so lucky as to find a parking spot, you can enjoy one of Watch Hill's beaches. More...

The Carousel

Children will jump at the chance to ride on the 1883 Carousel at the end of Bay Street (map), one of the oldest merry-go-rounds in the nation.


In the little park across Bay Street from the Olympia Tea Room is a statue (1914) of Ninigret, Great Sachem of the Narragansett Indians, a noble man and friend of the local English colonists.

Lighthouse, Watch Hill RI
Watch Hill lighthouse

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Merry-Go_Round, Watch Hill RI

Above, the 1883 carousel.

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