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"Killington" is the only word New England skiers have to hear to make them think of snow. It's Vermont's prime ski resort, noted for innovation in snow-making, grooming and facilities


Killington, in central Vermont, 16 miles (26 km) northeast of Rutland VT and 20 miles (32 km) west of Woodstock VT (map), is the largest ski resort in the eastern USA. with the biggest vertical drop of any ski area in New England: 3,050 feet (930 meters).

It's mobbed in winter, but summer is also a good time to visit for organized backpacking and camping trips, tennis practice and lessons, the golf course, and numerous other activities.

The tiny town of Killington, called Sherburne until 1999 when the name was changed, has a year-round population of barely 1,100 persons, but more than 2,500 housing units for the winter-seasonal crowd in the many thousands.

Killington Mountain Resort & Ski Area is everything here, with seven mountain peaks, 212 ski trails over 92 miles (148 km), and 29 lifts.

And the resort is booming, but laid out so well on the side of Killington Peak (4,241 feet/1,293 meters), Vermont's second-highest mountain, that there is plenty of room for all the activities and the visitors.

The ski season at Killington normally begins in November (or in October if conditions permit) and lasts into May. More...

Hotels & Inns

Thousands of visitors need places to stay, and Killington has them. More...


Rutland VT, with Amtrak train service, intercity bus service, and its own airport, is the transportation hub nearest to Killington. More...

Boston MA: 160 miles (258 km) NW, 3 hours

Hartford CT: 155 miles (250 km) S, 2.75 hours

Montreal QC: 188 miles (303 km) N, 3.5 hours

New York City NY: 254 miles (409 km) S, 5 hours

Plymouth VT: 12 miles (19 km) S, 18 minutes

Rutland VT: 16 miles (26 km) W, 27 minutes

White River Junction VT: 34 miles (55 km) E, 1 hour

Woodstock VT: 20 miles (32 km) E, 30 minutes

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Killington Ski Resort, Vermont

Killington for skiing!


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