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The Ottauqueechee River carved this straight-as-an-arrow gorge along a fault line in the bedrock. It's easy to view right from the highway bridge, or you can take a short hike right down to the raging waters' edge.



While in Woodstock, Vermont, take a spin over to Quechee Gorge (that's KWEE-chee), 8 miles (13 km) east of the town on US Route 4 toward White River Junction.

The highway bridge carries US Route 4 right across the picturesque 165-foot-deep (50-meter) gorge, Vermont's deepest. Below the bridge, the Ottauquechee River slips swiftly between boulders and jagged rock walls.

US Route 4 bridge over Quechee Gorge, Woodstock, Vermont
US Route 4 highway bridge over Quechee Gorge...

The Grand Canyon it's not, but an interesting feature of New England geology and pretty? Definitely.

As geological formations go, Quechee Gorge is a tiny baby, only about 13,000 years old, having been formed when the Laurentide Ice Shield retreated. The melting and drainage of the huge ice pack carved through the Devonian bedrock.

For the best view, follow the signs to the viewpoint north of the highway, or enter Quechee State Park, on the east side of the gorge, and take the short hiking trail down to the edge of the gorge. The walk will take 15 minutes, one way.

There's camping and picnicking right next to the gorge at Quechee State Park.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Queechee Gorge, near Woodstock VT


Quechee Gorge, Woodstock, Vermont
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