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Each spring Vermont maple sugar houses open their doors so visitors can see—and taste!—maple sugar and candy in the making.




Vermont is America's largest producer of maple syrup—a half million gallons annually.

It's all certified pure, additive- and preservative-free, nothing but maple syrup straight from Vermont sugar maple trees.

It's fun to see it being made: the thin, watery maple sap being brought to the sugar house; the wood fires raging beneath the huge, boiling vats of sap; the steam rising in dense white clouds up the chimneys and into the chill March air; the thickened syrup being drawn off and packed into bottles and cans.

Although all six of the New England states produce maple syrup, Vermont produces the most, and has the most picturesque maple sugar houses. Many are still set on the grounds of family farms, very near the sugar bushes (groves of maple sugar trees) from which the sap comes.


Maple Sugar Vat, Vermont


Stoking the wood fire beneath the vat of boiling maple sap.

Plan a weekend trip to Vermont during maple sugaring season! There's lots to do: skiing, hiking, country inns, shopping, and of course maple sugaring.

The Vermont Maple Foundation, an industry group supported by Vermont's many small family farmers who produce maple sugar, candy and other products, sponsors an annual Vermont Maple Open House.

On the March weekend of the Open House, you can tour lots of sugar houses, see and taste the new crop of maple syrup, and participate in lots of maple- and farming-related activities. More...

Then, in April, the Vermont Maple Festival is held in St Albans VT, north of Burlington. More...

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Maple Sap Buckets, Vermont

Above, buckets catch the sap
running from sugar maple trees.




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