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What sort of gravestone does a stonecarver make for himself? Barre's Hope Cemetery has the answer, and it's quite surprising.




Hope Cemetery, on VT Route 14 just 8/10 mile (1.1 km) north of US Route 302 in Barre VT, has two gates, and is open until sunset.

We speak of making "monuments to survive ourselves," and in Barre the phrase is literal!

Hunter Scene Gravestone, Barre VT
Ahunter in a forest scene.

Stonecutters here create the monument of their dreams for their own resting places.

Auto Gravestone, Barre VT
"Old No. 61," a demolition derby car.

  Typewriter Tombstone, Hope Cemetery, Barre VT
  Aspiring writer...

You'll see a balanced granite cube resting precariously on one corner, self-portraits and statues, a ponderous granite armchair, even a relief of a husband and wife sitting up in bed, hands joined in eternal friendship.

Hope Cemetery is more like a sculpture garden, a touching and artistic memorial to artisans and artists who came here from Scotland, Italy and other parts of the world to work the excellent stone.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Soccer Ball Gravestone, Barre VT

Above, soccer was very important.



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