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America's premier traveling youth circus performs throughout New England each summer. Don't miss seeing a performance if you have the chance!

In the Spotlight, Circus Smirkus, Vermont
Aerial fabric act in the spotlight.




The youthful spirit, enthusiasm and joy in performing of the teenage troupers are contagious and exhilarating for audiences of all ages.

Based in tiny Greensboro VT, this acclaimed international youth circus began as just a fun idea in the mind of Rob Mermin, a professional clown and onetime head of Ringling Brothers' renowned Clown College.

After graduating from university, Mermin had vagabonded around Europe performing in a variety of small traveling circuses, an experience he came to cherish. He wanted to bring this rich and joyous experience to American youth.

Starting over two decades ago with a handful of local kids and a one-week tour of a few local parks, the Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour has grown into a professional-quality company giving 70+ circus performances in a 750-seat European-style chapiteau (circus tent) in towns across New England, delighting nearly 50,000 cheering fans each summer.

The young circus troupers, aged 12 to 18, are all amateurs, but passionate about circus arts. Professional coaches, program planners and costume designers help them make high-quality shows featuring top-notch artistic direction, tailor-made costumes, and live music.

Circus Smirkus Troupers
Circus Smirkus: the Troupers

Little kids attending the show get to sit on carpets right next to the circus ring (try that with any other circus!) so they can be as close as possible to the fun and the action.

Surprisingly, the largest number of people in the audience is adults—but, actually, that's not surprising given the quality and pleasure of the show.

Audience at Circus Smirkus, Greensboro VT
A dramatic moment just before the applause...

Circus Smirkus is a non-profit educational organization. Part of the proceeds from many of its performances goes to local charities that help to stage the shows in their towns.

For details of Circus Smirkus's July through mid-August touring schedule, see the Circus Smirkus website. Buy your tickets in advance if at all possible—many shows sell out!

If your child is interested in learning circus arts, you should know that Circus Smirkus also operates a summer circus camp in Vermont for kids (toddlers through teens), and a family camp. Many of the Circus Smirkus Big Top Tour troupers honed their skills at Smirkus Camp. More...

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Circus Smirkus, Greensboro VT

Above, Circus Smirkus's talented teenage troupers in a glittering show!



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