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This gem is northern Vermont's finest natural history museum...with the region's only planetarium.


Founded by Franklin Fairbanks as the Fairbanks Museum of Natural Science, this gem of a museum is northern Vermont's finest natural history museum.

The museum's collection of animals, birds, artifacts and natural history exhibits, many of them collected by the museum's founder himself, is the best in northern New England. Its planetarium is the only one in northern Vermont.

The substantial Romaesque museum building is a familiar landmark on Main Street in the center of St Johnsbury near the courthouse, St Johnsbury Athenaeum, police and fire headquarters, and other civic buildings.

It's not surprising that someone in the Fairbanks family wanted to establish such a museum. St Johnsbury's most famous family of inventors, entrepreneurs and industrialists, paterfamilias Thaddeus Fairbanks started out as a wheelwright, but soon established an iron works to make heating stoves.

Thaddeus invented a refrigerator and also a cast iron plow, patented in 1826, that was a substantial advancement in plowing technology.

(Another Vermonter, John Deere of Middlebury, made a similarly revolutionary advancement in 1837 with his invention of the steel moldboard plow strong enough to turn the heavy soil of the Great Plains, opening that rich land to cultivation and its role as the breadbasket of the USA.)

Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium
1302 Main Street
St Johnsbury VT 05819
Tel: 802-748-2372

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Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium, St Johnsbury, Vermont

Fairbanks Museum & Planetarium




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