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The village of West Dover is the postal address for dozens of inns and hotels serving the Mount Snow ski resort, southern Vermont's most popular.




Dover, Vermont, and more specifically the hamlet of West Dover, is the home of the Mount Snow, the most popular ski resort in southern Vermont.

With a population of only 1,410, Dover is tiny, but looms large in the minds of skiers from New England and New York.

Summer Visitors

Settled in 1779, Dover was a farming community that began receiving summer visitors during the 1800s—so travel and vacation has always been important here. City families would come to southern Vermont by way of Wilmington and Brattleboro to escape the city heat, then make their way to Dover to stay with farm families for several weeks or months and enjoy Vermont's healthful summer climate and rural life.

Mount Snow Ski Resort

In 1953, an investor bought a large local farm and created the Mount Snow Ski Area, which reoriented Dover's focus on winter rather than summer.

With the large Somerset Reservoir right next to the mountain, Mount Snow has lots of water for snowmaking, guaranteeing good ski conditions even if nature doesn't provide the hoped-for precipitation. More...

Where to Stay

Because of Mount Snow Ski Area, West Dover in particular has lots of hotel and inn rooms available both winter and summer. Use this handy Hotel Search Box to find rates and availability for the ones you want:


Most people come to Dover, West Dover and Mount Snow by car. Here are distances from West Dover village:

Boston MA: 137 miles (220 km) NW, 2.75 hours

Brattleboro VT: 24 miles SE

Bennington VT: 27 miles W

Mount Snow Ski Resort: 3 miles (5 km) NW

New York City NY: 215 miles (346 km) N, 4 hours

Stratton Mountain Ski Resort: 27 miles N

Wilmington VT: 6 miles (10 km) S

—by Tom Brosnahan

Mount Snow Ski Resort





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Mt Snow Ski Resort, West Dover VT

With Somerset Reservoir—the lake to the left—providing water for snowmaking, skiers at Mount Snow Ski Resort are guaranteed good snowpack.




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