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All sorts of things to do outdoors in New England: antique autos, beaches, biking, birdwatching, camping, canoeing, kayaking, skiing, train excursions, whale watching, windjammer cruises, and more.

Fisherman statue, Eastport, Maine
Fisherman statue,
Eastport, Maine



Auto Museums

New England has several excellent classic car museums near Boston and along the Maine coast. More...


All of the New England states have beaches on ponds and lakes, and all but Vermont have sea beaches. Pond and lake water can be warm, the sea is usually cold, but on a hot August day, it feels good! More...


Bicycling is popular in both New England's cities and countryside. Leafy lanes, easy grades and marked bike trails and paths make it among the region's most pleasant sports. More...


New England has a history of preserving wildlife areas and important migratory areas. New England birders are active, welcoming, helpful and enthusiastic. More...


Lots of public and private campgrounds in local and state parks and national forests, resort areas, and in the backwoods along hiking trails. Because of heavy use and fire danger, camping is regulated. More...


This is one of the original lands of the canoe, its lakes and rivers perfectly suited to small, light, maneuverable craft. Lots of places rent canoes and provide equipment, drop-off and pick-up service. More...


New England's ponds and lakes are good for trout and other fresh-water varieties, and the deep Atlantic holds the really big ones. Surf-casting from the beach or shore is cheap, easy and often successful. More...


The Appalachian Trail and the Appalachian Mountain Club's system of trails and mountain "huts" (hikers' dormitories) are of prime interest, but there are hundreds of shorter local trails in towns, state parks, forests and wilderness areas. More...


Both fresh-water and salt-water kayaking are popular sports. If you come without your kayak, lots of places will supply them, with other equipment and drop-off, pick-up service. More...

Trains: Historic & Nostalgic

Trains are a useful way to travel to some parts of New England, but scenic, historic and nostalgic trains, including steam locomotives and even a cog railway, are less useful but more delightful. More...


Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine have popular, well-equipped ski areas on challenging mountains, with lots of snowmaking capacity. You can even ski easily in the southern New England states. More...


The larger ski resorts have well-developed snowboard areas, with pipes, rails and boxes. More...


When the snow is deep—as it often is in deep winter—this is a great way to exercise and enjoy the outdoors. Modern snowshoes are small, light, sleek and comfortable. More...


The quintessential New England spectator sport. In the 1800s, New England whalers went after the behemoths of the deep for oil, whalebone and ambergris. Now, just sighting them is thrill enough. More...

Windjammer Cruises

Gliding with the wind along the verdant coast of Maine in a historic sailing vessel, stopping at a remote island for a lobster bake.... Sound good? It's a Maine windjammer cruise. More...

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Canoeing at Old North Bridge, Concord MA

Above, canoeing on the
Concord River, Concord MA.

Maine windjammer

Maine windjammer Mary Day on a cruise.

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