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Fine, small, friendly,'s owned by the Springfield Ski Club, and skiing is the point here.



The Springfield (MA) Ski Club has its own mountain at Blandford MA (map) and, as their website says, "It's a family affair."

No throngs of cars disgorging armies of hot-dog skiers here. No dipping into your pocket at every occasion to inflate the bottom line. It's all about comfortable, fun family skiing at Blandford.

The vertical drop of 465 feet (142 meters) has 22 trails served by four lifts: three double chairs and one surface lift.

The ski trails are 40% Beginner, 40% Intermediate, and 20% Expert. Snowmaking covers 80% of the trails.

Blandford Ski Area
41 Nye Brook Road (map)
Blandford MA 01008
Tel: 413-848-2860

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Blandford Ski Area

Blandford Ski Area




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