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Skiing? In flat Rhode Island? Yes! At Yawgoo Valley. And it's fun!



Rhode Island, the Ocean State, has a shortage of hills let alone mountains—the highest elevation in the entire state is 812 feet above sea level at Jerimoth Hill—247 meters) but that doesn't stop the brave folks at Yawgoo Valley Ski & Sports Park from running a fun small ski, snowboard and snow tubing area.

On my first visit, I was prepared to be unimpressed, but that's not what happened.

  Yawgoo Valley Ski Area, Exeter RI
  Yawgoo at the end of the day.

Yawgoo Valley is a real ski area in beautiful country. Okay, its founders did identify what must be the steepest and best slope in all Rhode Island, with a vertical drop of 245 feet (75 meters). Then they built comfortable facilities for you to enjoy on 30 acres of terrain, with four lifts serving 12 trails. They knew what they were doing.

There's even a terrain park for snowboarders, and a really fun snow tubing area.

Needless to say, Yawgoo Valley is a favorite destination for very young, first-time, and family skiers for whom its modst slopes, small size and friendly atmosphere are bonuses, not drawbacks.

Of course its greatest advantage for citizens of Rhode Island is its convenience: it's only 26 miles (42 km) south of Providence (map).

Yawgoo Valley Ski & Sports Park
160 Yawgoo Valley Road (map)
Exeter RI 02822
Tel Ski Area: 401-294-3802
Tel Snow Tubing: 401-295-2276

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Yawgoo Valley Ski Area, Rhode Island

Yawgoo Valley Ski Area




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