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What's a New England hiker to do when snow covers the countryside? Put on snowshoes, of course!



If the idea of putting narrow little boards on your feet and hurtling down a slippery mountain slope has no appeal for you, consider this: the deep winter months of late December, January, February, and early March can be just perfect for snowshoeing in New England.

The fun of snowshoeing is that anyone can do it—and have fun doing it. No lessons, no lift tickets, no special gear except your snowshoes and appropriate winter clothing.

As winter and the snow cover deepens, particularly in the northern New England states, snowshoes are a great way to get out and enjoy the winter scenery.

Once you have your snowshoes you can walk anywhere, but many resort areas—especially in the northern New England states of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine—have special snowshoe facilities: trails to the most scenic points and lookouts, maps, safety guidelines, and cozy places to relax after a day of walking among the wonders of nature.

  You can go anywhere...

About snowshoes: They're the tool that makes hiking possible in several feet of snow.

You can get small, modern light-weight snowshoes made of space-age materials. Tubbs Snowshoes is a prominent brand and a traditional Vermont company (although it's now a part of K2 Snowshoes headquartered in Washington state).

For the larger, traditional snowshoes handmade of white ash wood, contact Russell & Rachel Dubois of Upcountry Snowshoes in Temple ME (tel 1-207-491-4341).

The Appalachian Mountain Club keeps three of its White Mountains hikers' huts open all winter, and you can hike to them with snowshoes. More...

The "huts"—actually spacious lodges—provide shelter, heat, light, kitchen facilities and mattresses, but you must bring your own sleeping bag and food.

It's less than two miles (3.7 km) up from the Franconia Notch State Park campground to the Lonesome Lake hut, a snowshoe hike of about an hour if you're in shape. More...

For a longer hike (just under 4 miles/7.4 km, 2-1/2 to 3 hours), is the one to the Carter Notch hut along the 19-Mile Brook Trail ("19-Mile" is the name of the brook, not the length of the trail!). More...

The Zeeland Falls hut can be reached by any of four trails, with hiking distances/times from 5.5 miles/10 km (4+ hours) to 7.3 miles/14 km (5 hours). More...










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Smugglers Notch, Stowe VT

Above, with snowshoes, even Smugglers' Notch near Stowe VT is accessible to you—and only you!

Below, Lonesome Lake AMC hut before the snow arrives.

Lonesome Lake AMC hut, Franconia Notch NH



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