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This Maine windjammer (Captain John Foss) was built in 1930 in Gloucester MA as a fishing vessel. Completely restored in 1986, it sails out of Rockland ME into Penobscot Bay.




Schooner American Eagle was built at Gloucester MA and launched on June 2, 1930, to go fishing. By 1984, after over a half century of hard use, she was well-worn and ready for retirement.

Instead, she got a new lease on life. After two years of meticulous restoration—and enough money to have built a brand-new schooner from scratch—she was ready to go to sea again, in better shape than she had been at her first launch in 1930.

Essential navigational and safety systems were brought fully up to date and new conveniences (such as good reading lights over the bunks!) were installed, but she still has the beauty, graceful lines, and historic ambience of a nearly century-old schooner.

  Captain John Foss, American Eagle

Captain John Foss

Captain John Foss is a trim, tanned, white-moustached master of the sea with more than 30 years' experience. With endless good humor, wry jokes and an understated but authoritative air of command, he guides the crew and vessel along Penobscot Bay and among its many wooded islands.

Her wood-fired cookstove still warms the galley (forward), honey-colored wood fills the main cabin (aft), and heavy brasswork gleams everywhere.

So well restored was the Eagle that she has been designated a National Historic Landmark.

The 92-foot vessel accommodates up to 26 voyagers in 14 cabins (single and double), with additional bunks for captain and crew. Each cabin has hot and cold running fresh potable water. There's a hot-shower cubicle off the galley, and two modern sanitary heads (toilets). Clean linens, pillows and blankets are provided.

Downeast cuisine is cooked up fresh for each meal on the wood stove: hearty soups, salads, roast beef, focaccia, lasagna, fresh-baked breads, muffins and cakes, fruit salads—and a lobster picnic on every cruise. Snacks are available all day, as are coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

Schooner American Eagle
Captain John Foss
P O Box 482
Rockland ME 04841
Tel +1-207-594-8007 or 800-648-4544
Fax +1-207-594-1001

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Schooner "American Eagle," Rockland ME

Above, American Eagle awaits a new Maine windjammer cruise day.


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