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Sailing the granite-crusted, heavily-forested, 3500-mile (5600-km) coast of Maine, dodging among its hundreds of islands swept along by the wind—a Maine windjammer cruise is among New England's finest outdoor experiences.




Cruising on a windjammer along the beautiful coast and islands of midcoast Maine may be the quintessential New England experience. If you have the time, you certainly should do it.

Here's all the information you'll need to get started:

What's a Maine Windjammer?

A sailing ship—a sloop or schooner—that cruises the New England coast. More...

Life Aboard a Maine Windjammer

What do you mean I can't bring my laptop?! What do you mean I can take the wheel and steer the ship?! More...

When to Cruise

Not in the winter (thank goodness): May to October. But don't think the weather will certainly be like summer. More...

What to Bring

A Maine windjammer cruise is not at all like a big-ship cruise. Just the opposite. Space is at a premium, but you'll have all you need. More...

Maine Windjammer Ports

So where can I board a Maine windjammer? Midcoast Maine is the place with the prime ports. More...

Windjammer Organizations

Windjammers may be independently owned and marketed, or part of a group of windjammers that unite for marketing and quality control.

The two major organizations are Maine Windjammer Cruises and Downeast Maine Cruises. There's also Eastport Windjammers out of way-Down East Eastport, Maine, on the Canadian border.

Five Maine windjammers of the Maine Windjammers Association have been designated as National Historic Landmarks by the US National Park Service.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Life Aboard a Windjammer

When to Cruise

What to Bring

About Maine

Midcoast Maine

New England Outdoors

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Maine Windjammer

Schooner American Eagle,
a Maine windjammer at anchor.

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