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Gam? That's when a number of schooners meet & tie up to one another forming a floating raft of boats so you can walk from one to the others.

Maine Windjammers tied together for a gam, Penobscot Bay
Maine Windjammers tied together for a gam at an anchorage in Penobscot Bay.



Nineteenth-century whaling boats out on the high seas for months would take every opportunity to meet and talk. If two or more sailing ships happened to meet by chance or by rendezvous, they'd tie up to one another so the crews could visit, trade information, and enjoy some society.

They called it a gam—a term for a gathering of whales— and the tradition lives on along the Maine coast among Maine windjammers.

Maine windjammers sail in for the Gam (gathering) of schooners
Two windjammers under full sail arrive at the anchorage,
ready to tie up for a gam.

As many as eight windjamming schooners of the Maine Windjammer Association meet, anchor and tie together on a particular date early in the summer cruising season, although it's not just the crews that socialize.

Passenger-voyagers on each vessel can walk to all the other vessels, visit the boats, passengers and crew, and enjoy society on the sea.

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Windjammer under full sail, Penobscot Bay, Maine

Heading for the gam, full sail!

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