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Most Maine windjammer cruise ports are in Midcoast Maine, but you may find them in Portland or Bar Harbor as well.


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The historic sailing ships that cruise along the thousands of miles of Maine coastline, dodging among its hundreds of islands big and small, have their home ports in only a few cities.

Mid-coast Maine, and particularly Penobscot Bay, are prime areas for cruising because of their natural beauty, variety of scenes, and abundant harbors, coves and mooring places.


Not just Maine's largest city, but an important port as well for all sorts of vessels, including Maine windjammers. More...


The lovely town of poet Edna St-Vincent Millay has a harbor crowded with fine Maine windjammers ready to sail among the islands of Penobscot Bay. Good choice! More...

Harbor of Camden, Maine
Windjammers and other sailing craft in Camden harbor,
ready for the next voyage.


With one of Maine's best harbors and many experienced captains, Rockland, southwest of Camden, is well placed for Maine windjammer cruises, with many of the best vessels and all of Penobscot Bay waiting for them. More...

Bar Harbor

Known mainly for Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor is also an active Maine windjammer port. More...


Windjammer Gam

Gam was the 19th-century whalers' term for a gathering of whales. The term carried over to a gathering of ships: when two or more whaling ships encountered one another during their long voyages, it was customary to anchor and tie up together so the crews could socialize.

The custom survives among Maine windjammers to this day. Early in the sailing season (usually June), most or all of the windjammers described above will meet at an anchorage in Penobscot Bay for a gam: they tie together, serve grog, set up a band, and have a party on the water.

Voyagers on any of the windjammers can climb to the others for a look around, a chat, and an evening's enjoyment.

Check the individual windjammers' summer cruising programs to see when the gam will occur. It's a real treat! More...


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Midcoast Maine

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Maine Windjammer Heritage

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