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The good news: it's all informal. The other good news: you don't need to bring much.


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Unlike big-ship cruises, Maine windjammers are informal. Wear the same thing every day all day if you like. Be comfortable!

What to Pack

You want informal clothes—blue jeans, comfy sweaters— if you're hauling on a hawser, coiling a line or rowing a skiff, or just relaxing. Fancy clothes are out of place.

Your shoes should be soft-soled: deck shoes, sneakers or sandals. No leather-soled shoes or boots on boat decks, please.

It's always cooler out on the water than on land, usually by at least 10° F (5.5° C), so bring more layers than you think you'll need and you should come out all right. (If you're asking yourself "Do I need this extra layer," the answer is yes.)

On the cruises I've experienced, I've gone from five layers (including jeans and a heavy wool sweater) in the morning mist to shorts-and-T-shirt in the afternoon sun.

In hot high summer (July, August) you'll think it crazy to bring jeans, a heavy top, a sweater, windbreaker and cap, but if fog moves in with an onshore breeze you may need them. In May, June, September and October, you will certainly need them, and perhaps even more.

A sun hat, sun glasses and sun block lotion may be necessary any time of year, as the sun can be intense, and with the glare on the water, it delivers twice the heat and burning rays as sun on land.

In July and August also bring a bathing suit and beach wear suitable for sunning on deck.

Cabin on Maine windjammer American Eagle: small but tidyTidy—but tiny! A cabin aboard Maine windjammer American Eagle. The photo was taken from outside the cabin, looking in. Just enough room for the bed, the sink, and a small hammock for belongings. And this is for two voyagers!

How to Pack

Pack your clothes in soft-sided luggage (duffle bag, knapsack) the easier to fit your stuff and luggage into the odd cubbies and under-bunk spaces on a wooden vessel. You probably won't find room for a hard-sided suitcase or wheelie bag.

Other items you may want: camera, binoculars, small games you like (cards, cribbage, etc.), tablet computer, books. If you play a musical instrument, that may be welcome on board as well.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones can often find a signal from a nearby shore town while you're cruising, but you can't depend on always placing or receiving calls. Check with your vessel to learn what electrical charging may be available on board. As for Wifi and Internet, you depend on your phone for access.

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Cabin on Victory Chimes, largest of Maine windjammers.

Cabin on Victory Chimes, largest of Maine windjammers.

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