Louisa May Alcott's Grave
Simple but revered, this spot in Concord's Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, with votive offerings of acorns, pebbles and coins from pilgrims.


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L M Alcott's Grave, Concord MA

The US shield is in recognition of her Civil War nursing service.

In her journal (May 1858), Alcott mentions "not liking Concord," despite her active, memorable childhood years there amid its forests and farms, and Walden Pond.

Concord was too small for her ambition—only a city like Boston, with its editorial offices for famous magazines and its powerful publishers, could help her to achieve her goals.

Like Jo in her perennial best-selling book, Little Women, her energy and creativity took her away from home at times.

But her heart, then as now, was in Concord with her family. More...



Louisa May Alcott, Concord MA

Louisa May Alcott



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