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The difference? Service directly to/from Cambridge and Newton MA, not Boston proper.



GO Buses is one of several companies operating buses daily between Boston and New York City.

The difference with GO Buses is that the route is actually from Cambridge and Newton MA (map) to New York City, a route previously operated by World Wide Bus.

The Boston terminus of the line is the bus station at the MBTA subway Red Line's Alewife terminus.

From Alewife, buses travel to the intercity bus station at 335 Grove Street, Newton MA 02462, near the MBTA subway Green Line Riverside terminus, before heading out via Interstate highways to New York City.

The New York terminus is at the northwest corner of the intersection of 8th Avenue and 31st Street, near Pennsylvania Station (map).

Fares start at $15, and vary by date and time, but $18 is a more normal fare for the 4.5-hour trip. (Here's how to decide to travel by car, bus, train or plane.)

The big, modern climate-controlled, toilet-equipped motorcoaches offer individual reading lights, 110-volt outlets at each seat, free Wifi Internet, and reclining seats with head and foot rests.

All buses are wheelchair-accessible and can "kneel" for safe boarding by those with reduced mobility.

(Note: the New York intercity bus station at 335 Grove Street, near Riverside, also serves Peter Pan Bus Lines coaches with service to New York City via Springfield MA.) More...

GO Buses
Tel: 855-888-7160

Operated by Academy Bus
111 Paterson Ave
Hoboken NJ 07030
Tel: 201-420-7000

—by Tom Brosnahan

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