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Bus between Boston MA and New York City: very frequent, 4-1/2- to 5-hour trip, basic fares from $19 to $43, business-class fares to $99, lots of companies from which to choose.



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BoltBus, GO Buses, Greyhound, LimoLiner, Lucky Star Bus, Megabus, and Peter Pan buses compete on the Boston-to-New York City route, with fares as low as $19, normal fares from $25 to $39, and luxury-service fares as high as $99—which is still cheaper than most flights or Amtrak Acela express train fares.

Bus or...?

(Are you sure you want to travel by bus? Here's how to decide whether you want to travel between Boston and New York City by car, bus, train or plane. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. More...)

Buy Tickets Online!

It's best to buy your bus ticket in advance online, as you'll have a better chance of getting the seat you prefer, at a lower fare. But if you can't buy in advance, just show up at the bus departure point 30 to 60 minutes before you want to ride, and you'll probably find a seat available on a convenient departure.

Departures & Travel Time

Several companies offer buses departing every hour from about 7:00 am until 8:00 pm, plus additional buses at other times.

The trip between Boston and New York City takes about 5 hours in normal traffic, 15 or 20 minutes less in light traffic, up to 30 minutes more in heavy traffic.

Most buses carry about 50 passengers, and are equipped with on-board toilets. Some buses make a 10-minute rest stop at a restaurant with food, drinks, and toilets.

Most buses are ADA compliant, meaning that the bus stops, coaches and staff are equipped and able to assist passengers with disabilities.


A joint enterprise of Peter Pan Bus and Greyhound (see below), BoltBus serves Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington DC. The coaches have flush toilets, free Wifi Internet, and power outlets at your seat for your laptop computer, mobile phone, etc.

Fares range from $15 to $25+. Seats are unreserved, but guaranteed if you buy your ticket online. The farther in advance you buy your ticket, the better your chance of paying a lower fare. Catch the bus in Boston at the South Station Bus Terminal, or in New York City on West 33rd Street near 12th Avenue, a block south of the Javits Convention Center. You're 8/10ths of a mile (1.3 km) northwest of New York's Penn Station and less than a 30-minute walk (1.3 miles/2 km) southwest of the Port Authority Bus Terminal (map).

You board the bus more or less in the order in which you bought your ticket, so early ticket-buyers get their pick of the best seats. Occupy your seat at least 15 minutes before departure, or it may be sold to a Standby passenger.

GO Buses

The difference here is that GO Buses serve not Boston proper but the suburbs of Cambridge and Newton. Buses depart Cambridge's Alewife Red Line subway station, stop at Newton's Riverside Green Line station, and arrive near New York City's Pennsylvania Station. for fares of $15 to $18. More...


Express service from New England's largest bus company (Peter Pan/Bonanza, in collaboration with Greyhound), with 15 departures daily.

Comfortable boarding is at Boston's South Station Bus Terminal and New York City's Port Authority Bus Terminal. Special web-only non-refundable fares range from $11 to $35. Advance purchase online fare is usually $35, and standard fares range from to $37.50 to $43, one-way. More...


28-seat luxury motorcoach service meant to compete with the airlines, LimoLiner carries business-class passengers ($99 one-way) between Boston and Manhattan, with a stop in Framingham MA. More...

Lucky Star Bus

Lucky Star operates between Boston's South Station Bus Terminal (across the street from Boston's Chinatown) and New York City's Chinatown (55 Chrystie Street/Hester Street [map], with the ticket and check-in office at 145 Canal Street. A dozen buses depart between 6:30 am and 10:30 pm, with an additional middle-of-the-night departure at 2 am. Fare is normally $25 (for tickets bought in advance) with a few departures at $35.


This international company serves the Boston-New York route with at least a dozen trips daily in each direction. Coaches have free Wifi Internet, and travel between Boston's South Station Bus Terminal and Manhattan. Fares start at $10 one-way. More...

Peter Pan Bus

New England's premier intercity bus company offers more than 30 direct New York-to-Boston bus departures daily (including those of its BoltBus subsidiary and Greyhound partner) as well as connections to dozens of other destinations in New England. Fares range from $31 to $43. More...

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Paris Girls Secret Society, the new novel by Tom Brosnahan


South Station Transportation Center, Boston MA

Boston's South Station Bus Terminal, the city's main terminal for intercity buses, and two subway lines.

Peter Pan - Bonanza Bus, Providence RI

GO Buses, Cambridge MA

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