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You can get to most parts of New England by bus. Boston MA, Springfield MA, Providence RI and New York City are the main terminals.



With limited train service in New England, bus is the best way to travel to certain destinations if you don't have your own car.

Bus Companies

A dozen bus companies operate bus routes in New England and to New York City. Smaller cities and towns are served by only one company. Some larger cities are served by more than one company. More...

Cities & Towns Served by Bus

The principal bus route hubs are Boston MA, Springfield MA, Providence RI, and New York City.

Here's a list of all the cities and towns served by bus in New England and the bus companies that go to them. More...

State Transportation Pages

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Buses From Montréal,
Chicago & Toronto

The major bus routes to New England from Chicago and Toronto enter the region at Albany NY, Montréal QC, and New York City, and you may find yourself changing buses at one of these points to reach your final destination in New England.

The distance by road to Boston from Chicago is almost 1,000 miles (1,500 km), from Toronto 550 miles (860 km).

—by Tom Brosnahan

New York City—Boston by Bus

New York City—Cape Cod

Intercity Buses in New England

Major Bus Companies

Peter Pan Bus Lines

Greyhound Buses

Plymouth & Brockton Buses

Bus Travel in Maine

New England Trains

Travel by Car

Travel by Plane

New England Transportation

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GO Bus, Cambridge MA

GO Buses serve the
Boston - New York City route.


Massachusetts Turnpike

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