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With nearly 5000 miles (8047 km) of coastline, New England has plenty of ships and ferries.


CruisePort Boston

Cruise ships dock in Boston at the Black Falcon Cruise Terminal, in the Seaport District of South Boston near the city center. More...

Massachusetts Bay Ferries

Voyage from Boston Harbor to nearby towns on the North Shore and South Shore of Massachusetts Bay. More...

Boston—Provincetown Ferry

You can sail to Provincetown at the tip of Cape Cod on a day-trip cruise or longer. More...

In summer there's also a fast ferry from Plymouth, on the Massachusetts South Shore, to Provincetown. More...

Salem—Boston Ferry

Relive the rich maritime heritage of the North Shore coast on a short, enjoyable ferry cruise. More...

Martha's Vineyard Ferries

Sail to the big island from New Bedford, Woods Hole or Nantucket. More...

Nantucket Ferries

Ferries to the "faraway land" depart from Hyannis and Martha's Vineyard. More...

Block Island Ferries

Sail from Providence, Newport, Point Judith or Long Island to Rhode Island's summer island getaway. More...

Long Island Ferries

Ferries connect New York's Long Island with Bridgeport CT, New London CT, and Block Island RI. More...

Connecticut Shoreline Ferries

Ferries and island cruises are yours at several spots along the Connecticut shoreline. More...

Lake Champlain Ferries

Vermont has no seacoast, but crossing Lake Champlain between Burlington VT and Port Kent NY, you maybelieve you're out to sea. More...

Maine Island Ferries

The rockbound coast of Maine is sprinkled with islands, most served by ferries small or large. More...

Bar Harbor ME - Nova Scotia Ferry

The Cat, a fast catamaran car-and-passenger ferry races between Bar Harbor, Maine and Yarmouth, Nova Scotia in summer, giving you the opportunity to have a Two-Nation Vacation. (From 2016 to 2018 the ferry ran from Portland, but in 2019 it was relocated to Bar Harbor.) More...

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The Cat car ferry, Portland ME to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia

The Cat, a fast catamaran car-and-passenger ferry from Bar Harbor, Maine to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. More...


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