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Autumn is undoubtedly New England's glory and the finest gift of New England's climate. If you have a choice of vacation times, this is when to visit.



Although you may have to forsake swimming, autumnal sports such as biking, canoeing and hiking are best in autumn, and the famous fall foliage from September through November is worth it in itself.

Autumn days are still warm and pleasant, nights a bit chilly but not uncomfortably so (except perhaps in the mountains of northern New England—and almost certainly atop Mount Washington).

Fall Foliage Tours

The easiest way to enjoy autumn in New England is on a Fall Foliage guided tour. More...

New England's Climate

New England's climate, being unpredictable, doesn't let you know whether you're going to have a fine, long autumn with a brilliant fall foliage season, or a dreary, rainy, chill time with few sunny days to admire the fall colors.

Remember that the foliage color starts in the northern states (Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine) at higher elevations in September, and progresses southward and to lower elevations until it peaks along the relatively warmer climate of Long Island Sound along the Connecticut shoreline.

Thus you may see brilliant color in Vermont's Green Mountains in mid- to late-September, and also enjoy good color in late October and even November in southern Connecticut and Rhode Island.

Indeed, even later in November some color may linger in protected valleys and near bodies of water.

Few autumns are entirely unsatisfying. Almost always, at least a week or two of fine days make any rain (or snow!) bearable.

In late October or in November, perhaps after the first nip of frost, you may enjoy a brief Indian summer.

By Thanksgiving (late November), northern New England's ski resorts usually have some snow and are beginning to welcome skiers while other New Englanders are shopping for the holidays.

—by Tom Brosnahan

Fall Foliage Guided Tours

New England's Climate



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Maple tree in autumn, Monument Square, Concord, Massachusetts

The finest gift of New England's climate:
fall foliage season, a great time to go biking!


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