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New England is known for its country inns, but there are also historic grand hotels, deluxe city hotels, seaside resorts, convenient roadside motels, cozy B&Bs, even old-fashioned tourist cabins, as well as hundreds of campgrounds.

Customs House Tower Hotel, Boston MA
Historic Customs
House Tower
Boston, now
a Marriott Hotel.



New England has the full range of hotels, motels, B&Bs, country inns and resorts, from palatial old mansions and country estates converted to inns, to 1930s'-style lakeside cabin communities.

Advance Reservations

Note that advance reservations are essential in some areas and at some times of year; and payment requirements may vary. More... Our Partner

When we travel to research our travel websites, we usually make our hotel reservations via for good reasons: excellent prices, pay-when-you-stay, free cancellation, millions of reliable reviews, and an easy-to-use website that makes it quick and simple to compare locations, rates and facilities, and to book our room. More... helps to support, so when you use their site, it costs you no more, but helps us to provide the 2000+ pages of travel information on

Saving Money

Although it's a good idea to have advance reservations for some destinations and times of year, you may be able to save money on hotels that are not fully booked.

Some of these last-minute deals are available on, so be sure to check there.

Otherwise, stop at a state or local tourist information office and look for brochures, flyers or coupon booklets offering discounts for same-day arrivals.

These special prices have limitations:

—Certain rooms, usually the cheaper ones, must be available

—You must have no prior reservation at the hotel

—You must show the coupon when you register

No other discount may be combined with the coupon offer

—Coupons are not valid on holidays or days of special events

—Coupons may only be valid on certain days (perhaps Sunday through Thursday nights)

Compare these prices to the ones you see on More...


Country inns are New England's glory: country estates, town mansions, restored farmhouses and traditional village taverns, all providing clean, comfortable accommodations and a list of other services. They are often mini-resorts with many services and activities, and room rates in the higher brackets. More...

Bed-and-Breakfast Houses

B&Bs can be simple houses with a spare room, a shared bath, and a simple breakfast, but most are in fact small inns that serve no meals except breakfast. The line between "inns" and "B&Bs" is blurred. More...

Boutique Hotels

Perhaps the fastest-growing portion of the lodging industry, boutique hotels (or city inns) are new or renovated city buildings offering all comforts and services in a more intimate, friendly setting. More...


The term "motel" is passé, but highway hotels do the bulk of the lodging business, from the inexpensive place at the Interstate highway interchange to the "resort motel" on the beach in Cape Cod. They vary in style and appointments, but all provide clean rooms with one or two double beds, private bath with shower and/or shower-and-tub, air conditioning, cable TV, and telephone. Many also have in-room coffee makers, microwave ovens and small refrigerators. A light breakfast—or at least coffee and rolls—is often included in the room price. More...


Timeshare rooms, apartments and condominiums are available for rent or purchase in many of New England's most popular vacation destinations, from Boston and Cape Cod to the Berkshire Hills, the mountains and ski resorts of Vermont and New Hampshire and the coast of Maine. They offer a wide variety of accommodations, facilities and locations. More...


Larger cities and some resort destinations have travelers' hostels with simple accommodations at budget prices. Dormitories and shared rooms and bathrooms may be gender-separate or mixed. Some hostels even offer private rooms. More...

City Hotels

The familiar international lodging chains—Four Seasons, Hilton, Hyatt, Westin, etc.—are present in many New England cities, providing all the expected comforts and services at standard five-star rates. Weekend package plans can make these luxury lodgings more reasonably priced. More...

Resort Hotels

New England's lakes, mountains and seashores were once sprinkled liberally with Victorian-style grand hotels, gracious summer palaces set on vast grounds with every possible facility for their guests. Many have disappeared, the victim of changing times, but a few of the grandest (such as the Mount Washington Hotel) have survived and prospered; and some new grand hotels, echoing the old style, are even being built. Room rates are in the higher ranges.

Mount Washington Hotel, Bretton Woods NH
The grand Mount Washington Hotel at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, site of the 1944 UN economic conference.

Most cities have at least a few local hotels, not managed by the big chains, with comfortable services at somewhat lower prices. More...


Forest campgrounds in state and national parks and forests are relatively simple and inexpensive. Private campgrounds offer many more services, at substantially higher rates. More...

—by Tom Brosnahan

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Inns in Woodstock, Vermont

Inns in Woodstock, Vermont.

Hotel Discount Coupons

Hotel discount coupons picked up
at a tourist information office.


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